About Kupah

Kupah James is a one man movement of motivation. Traveling the country Teaching Fitness Classes and a Celebrity Dj; Kupah wholeheartedly loves what he does, down to every last detail. In combining his passions, natural talent, and life experiences, he has created a one-of-a-kind brand and unique entrepreneurial business model which—driven by his endless ideas, big heart and innovative visions—will only continue to grow exponentially. Frequently heard encouraging those around him to #MakeMoves, which he defines as recognizing self-worth and striving for a specific goal or direction in life. Be it physical, business-oriented, personal, or all of the above, Kupah advocates accountability and the importance of “choice”. Grown in Boston, MA, now residing in Los Angeles.


Equinox Schedule

Mondays | 9:30a @Marina Del Rey | The CUT
Mondays | 5:30p @Santa Monica | The CUT
Tuesdays | 9:15a @West Hollywood | Interval
Tuesdays | 10a @West Hollywood | Ab LAB
Tuesdays | 12p @Beverly Hills | The CUT
Wednesdays | 6am @Westwood | Interval
Wednesdays | 8:30a @Century City | The CUT
Wednesdays | 10:15am @Miracle Mile | Interval



As a DJ, Kupah James has performed for New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Childrens Museum, AOL, Google Expedia and even former president Bill Clinton, blending sounds from the “then” and “now” creating a perfect soundtrack of interactive, engaging entertainment for all in attendance. Resident Dj at Highball Boston and Hotel Indigos Pool Party, you can also find him regularly at 31TEN Lounge in Santa Monica, CA. Follow him social media FB, Snapchat, IG and Twitter @KupahJames


Connect with Kupah through email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. For inquiries or booking information please call the number below.Email: makemoves@kupahjames.com
Phone: 978-853-6137

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